Fresh Beginnings

How do you explain what you do when you don’t ‘do’ anything?

Being is much more important that doing. Well it is in this busy world.

We have become Human doings rather than human beings. We have in our busy lives forgotten how to slow down, breathe fully out and be with those who need us.  I sought something else in a life of children, working and running around being busy like most young (ish!) mum’s do.

Following 2 years of consolidating my training as a Soul Midwife I decided to tell people what I am being.

On January 1st this year, I set up a Facebook page for my business ‘Cambridge Soul Midwife’ and have had nothing but support, love and encouragement from family, friends, strangers and colleagues. Some of the love has come from the other side of the world, and a lot from my family of Soul Midwives trained by the wonderful Felicity Warner.

So far I have had a few clients who I shall refer to as ‘friends’.  Some have died, some are dying. We are all dying but whilst we are dying we must continue to live. The only rule a Soul Midwife lives by is to meet their ‘friend’ where they are at.  We are not here to judge, fix, coax or hurry.

We are here for the laughter, tears, and to sit with you in the darkness when you cannot see the light.

This ‘life work’ (because this is what I have been destined to be) is humbling, and a true privilege. Yes it is sometimes sad, but more than anything it is incredibly beautiful to be invited to spend time with some one at the end of their life.

This is my first time writing much of this down in public. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Jo x


2 thoughts on “Fresh Beginnings

  1. So proud to have you in the Soul Midwives family, you are one of the very best… gentle and kind and very understanding of those who are going through the most difficult of times , Felicity x


    • Thank you Felicity. You have enabled the wise woman in me to be born, to give more to others than I would ever need to give myself… for helping others is an eternal gift xx


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