Who Am I?

Heart Versus Head

I am a nurse, with over 20 years experience caring for, and sitting with, the dying and supporting their families.

This experience is not to be taken lightly – it includes breaking bad news, sitting with the dying over several hours or days, or coming to terms with a sudden unexpected death. The ripples of these situations leaves an impression on your heart forever; whether you are a relative, friend or a professional.  Many professionals cannot deal with the complexity or emotions of death.

I have carried a dead child. I have spent hours dressing a dead teenager with their parents. I have washed the blood away from the hair of an elderly lady, and I have been involved in the enormous privilege of enabling the gift of organ donation. I have done this time, and time again.  Death is not always natural, but when it is happening, it becomes a natural process which can be interrupted by medical interventions for so many reasons. The truth is that some people are lucky to be saved (and live to die another day), but sometimes allowing death is kind, and an act of pure love.

Everybody who is dying is someone’s child. Whether their parents are alive… or not. They deserve to be looked after, and to be allowed to have companionship, support and guidance. That is what I aim to do. I always follow my heart, because the head is far too sensible and the heart instinctively knows what is needed in these situations.

I can help in a way that can be tailored to an individual’s needs and am open to discussing this. It is mainly to enable people to be at home to die, or I can visit in nursing homes or hospitals as a guest.  Most people meet me once and discuss things going forward. This fee would be £40 for an hour with no obligation to commit to further visits. I can meet in a mutually agreeable location.

I hope you feel you can contact me to discuss further

Jo x


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